Anything goes.

There once was a lion, confident and proud

Happy as could be, atop the ninth cloud

He couldn’t complain; nothing would ever make him frown

Until trouble in his kingdom and hubris knocked him down

The lion fell into the waters below

He hung onto a rock and refused to let go

But the current was strong and he lost control

He eventually gave up the fight and went with the flow

The lion still tread water to stay alive

But his body was tired and he feared he would die

Drowning in an aquatic execution

He frantically tried to think up a solution

As coming from the waters were blubs and blurbles

The lion decided to transform into a turtle!

And so the animal swam and swam

And eventually found a nice piece of land

But this animal was no longer confident and proud

He was a scared little turtle who slowly walked the ground

After being knocked down and through this Hell

The turtle was too scared to come out of his shell

So even though the animal learned how to survive

And got through a very difficult time

His fear will prevent him from living well

Unless he decides to come out of his shell


Any thoughts?

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